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The Quantitative Methods Initiative funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Higher Education Academy (now Advance-HE) aimed to improve capacity in quantitative social science and make best possible use of the UK's world-class data infrastructure. It covered the entire educational life course from school projects to postdoctoral research and all social science disciplines. It included both research and teaching and learning. 

QM Training events & courses

27/02/2024: Introduction to QGIS: Spatial Data and Spatial Analysis - Online
27/02/2024: Longitudinal Data and Research - A deep dive (online)
20/03/2024: An introduction to the linked ASHE-2011 Census dataset - F2F
25/03/2024: Open, Reproducible and Transparent Social Science
25/03/2024: Introduction to ECHILD: Linked data from health, education and children’s social care
26/03/2024: Our Interlocked Universe: Sociohistorical Network Analysis; Methods, Applications & New Directions
23/04/2024: Principles and Practices of Quantitative Data Analysis
23/04/2024: Recent Advances in Demographic Research (online)
24/04/2024: Analysing Survey Data with SPSS
03/05/2024: Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis
09/05/2024: Analysing Election and Public Opinion Data (online)
15/05/2024: Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) for quantitative social researchers - online
28/05/2024: A systematic approach to understanding trade-offs when designing and remodelling social surveys
30/05/2024: Age Period Cohort Analysis (online)
11/06/2024: Mixed Methods Design and Analysis f2f
20/06/2024: Queering data: Producing data on sex, gender and sexuality - online
25/06/2024: Introduction to Spatial Data and Using R as a GIS - Online
01/07/2024: C-BEAR SUMMER SCHOOL - Introduction to Experimental Methods in Social Sciences: Surveys, Laboratory and Field Experiments
01/07/2024: Introduction to agent-based modelling for public health research
16/07/2024: Confident Spatial Analysis and Statistics in R & GeoDa - Online
11/09/2024: Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) for quantitative social researchers - online
19/09/2024: Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis with Life Science Applications